"I knew that I had the content for my website, but didn't know how to properly exhibit it online. I was nervous that someone wouldn't be able to capture my style and interests in a way that are appealing to me, as well as those who visit my site. Christy was the perfect designer to help me with my website. She was always in contact and making sure that my website fit my style and was presentable in a way that showcased a strong online presence. She made me comfortable with my decision to work with a designer.
Christy created a perfect platform for me to display personal work for friends and family and hopefully interested parties to view my work. She used design, color, and layout combinations that even as a designer myself didn't notice. She took my comments and desires and used them to create the perfect design and I am beyond satisfied with how the whole process worked out!"

Tyler D // Portfolio

“Before working with FF I was contemplating learning how to do graphic design myself. As a web designer and VA, I put this pressure on myself to learn to "do it all alone" and "save money, put in effort" but I have NO experience with (or membership for) design software!
I was afraid that working with a designer would be difficult because I can be picky. I LOVE the new design. It really has become the representation of my brand feel and personality!  I believe that the design will give a great first impression to potential clients. It really sets the tone for look, feel, and quality of doing business with Two Talent Creative!
Thanks so much Christy!

Jaymee H // Two Talent Creative

"As easy as Squarespace makes it design a website using a predefined template, I didn't know how to design the layout, colours, images, formatting etc. and thought it would be a worthwhile investment to outsource to a company who has expertise in website design.  I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted and was therefore concerned about what the end result might look like.  
After the work was complete and the website redesigned I immediately felt optimistic. I feel as though my company now has an identity and aesthetically, an online presence which is not too dissimilar to those organisations with extremely large marketing budgets. I believe the new design will grab the attention of potential customers, and the intuitive layout will allow them to find out more information and place an order with just a few clicks. I now feel happy (and even proud, which is a rarity) to shout about the business and of course the website itself to my friends, family and old colleagues."

Ashley W // ConsumerSec

My studio underwent some transformations over the past few years and I was concerned it was no longer reflecting our personality.  I had never worked with a designer and I was not sure how the process would work and truthfully if it would be worth the investment.
Working with Christy was a breeze.  I never once felt hesitant to provide critical feedback and she was able to take my suggestions and build off of them.  The entire process was straightforward, and actually worked to capture our spirit.
Our branding finally reflects who we really are!  I am now confident in sharing my business with the community and beyond.

Danielle M // Floating Lotus Studio