Why you need Squarespace?

why you need squarespace

Are you a creative entrepreneur or own a small business, and now you’re dabbling in the idea of creating an online presence?  You’ll want to create that online presence through Squarespace. Why?  To put it quite simply, it’s easy, breezy, and beautiful.

EASY: Customization and Security

Unlike many other platforms, Squarespace has just about everything you need built in.  This means that you won’t need a new plugin for everything you want to do.  While each template has different capabilities, as long as you choose the one that fits your needs, your online presence will be set for success.  

In terms of designing, Squarespace allows you to see the changes to your website in real time.  No more inserting codes and information without knowing what it looks like, because you can see and edit all at the same time.  Additionally, Squarespace is a closed source platform.  This means that unlike many other platforms, only Squarespace experts are developing the templates, plugins, etc.  Therefore, you’ll never run the risk of using a feature or plugin of poor quality.


BREEZY: Small tolerance for technology problems

Hire a web designer on any platform that requires coding and plugins, and you sure as heck won't be able to make any changes without hiring them again down the road.  The beauty of Squarespace is that once the backend build is set up, it’s easy enough to make minor changes, update inventory, and keep up with the blog.  More importantly, Squarespace continues to make updates to improve security and bug fixes without you even having to think about it.  With many other platforms, the user is required to make updates, which means you’ll have to learn how to do this, or hire someone.  Why hire someone to upkeep your site when Squarespace will do it all for you!

Still unable to figure something out on your site?  Well, you can chit chat all you want with a super helpful Squarespace rep.  Squarespace customer support has a customer satisfaction rate of over 90%.  My favorite support is the live chat option.  Just tell them your issue and they’ll have access to your website to figure out what's going on.


BEAUTIFUL: Professionalism paired with Affordability 

Squarespace is beautiful in two ways, both visually and financially.  The templates Squarespace offers are carefully designed to be aesthetically pleasing.  We’re talking polished, clean, and modern designs that will attract viewers and get them coming back.  As long as you're able to select a template that best fits your business needs, it's almost impossible to create a website that is aesthetically unappealing.

And the best part about Squarespace is the price, because it is completely up front!  Think of it like an all inclusive resort.  You pay upfront and know that everything is included, with no worries about costs adding up.  On the contrary, many other platforms have a low getting started fee, but the add-ons come later once you start designing your page.  Everyone knows the all inclusive resort is the way to go!

So are you hooked on Squarespace yet?  I know I am.  Click below to contact me and find out how I can design you that easy, breezy, beautiful online presence that you deserve!