Rich Pins Validator Error

rich pins validator error

If you’re a Squarespace user, you may have noticed recently that your rich pins are not working.

Well, let’s backtrack.  Have you ever noticed that some pins on Pinterest have a bold title?  In case you didn’t know, that’s what a rich pin is.  It contains extra metadata such as tags, categories, keywords etc. that make your pins easier to find.  If your pins aren’t yet rich pins, it’s in your best interest to do so.

Okay, back to the problem.  Recently I noticed that my pins were not rich on Pinterest, and this is a major setback for my business!  And not just myself, but I have also heard from SO many business owners that they can’t enable their rich pins.

When you contact Squarespace they’ll tell you it’s a problem with Pinterest and Pinterest will tell you the opposite, and technically they’re both right.  But I can promise you...

you. are. not. crazy.  

Although I thought I was going to go crazy trying to figure this out.  Long story short, both Squarespace and Pinterest are working on this issue.  So when you are trying to enable your pins and getting errors, chances are the problem is not you, it’s them!

Unfortunately I don’t have the answer to this yet- although I follow up with Squarespace and Pinterest every few days.  But I thought this issue needed to be addressed so that everyone knows the frustration is shared by many- and you are not doing anything wrong!

When the issue finally does get resolved, you can validate your website to enable rich pins by entering your website (a page that has metadata) here:

And for now, keep following up with Squarespace and Pinterest, and know you are not alone!