Web Design: ConsumerSec

consumersec squarespace website design

ConsumerSec is a company that offers tailored security consultancy and ongoing services for individuals, their families, and household devices.  They came to me with the most common problem I come across; they have a successful business but their online presence is not matching up to their business and what they are capable of.

With a short turnaround time, I got to designing the website.  The client was looking for a website that displayed their expertise in the field, but also user friendly and aesthetically pleasing enough to attract their customer.  The final design includes beautiful imagery and graphics tailored to the objectives of the site.

"As easy as Squarespace makes it design a website using a predefined template, I didn't know how to design the layout, colours, images, formatting etc. and thought it would be a worthwhile investment to outsource to a company who has expertise in website design.  I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted and was therefore concerned about what the end result might look like.  
After the work was complete and the website redesigned I immediately felt optimistic. I feel as though my company now has an identity and aesthetically, an online presence which is not too dissimilar to those organisations with extremely large marketing budgets. I believe the new design will grab the attention of potential customers, and the intuitive layout will allow them to find out more information and place an order with just a few clicks. I now feel happy (and even proud, which is a rarity) to shout about the business and of course the website itself to my friends, family and old colleagues."

Ashley W // ConsumerSec