Branding Board: Fabricated at your Fingertips

You would think that as a brand strategist, designing my own personal brand would come rather easy right? Wrong! 

Designing and developing my own personal brand was quite possibly the most valuable learning experience, because I was in the shoes of my client.  I’ve come to realize that answering my own client questionnaire questions such as, “what colors are you drawn to, or not drawn to?” is not quite as simple as it sounds!  

Hence, why multiple revisions are necessary to design a brand that my clients are over the moon excited about!  I continued to design until I was super excited, and I have the same mindset for my clients from kickoff to launch day.

Check out my branding style board, and be sure to check out how I’ve implemented the design elements throughout my website!

mood board design for branding style board
business card design
business card design